Once a Week

"....I always be here waiting for you to come back home
I keep our flowers grow, since we planted the seed many years ago
And I stare at the moon and hope we’ll meet there, hope we’ll meet there
‘cause I miss you
I wish you were here..

I know it’s hard for you to stay and so I let you go
But you promised to never let me down and said that you love me so
And I stare at the moon and hope we’ll meet there, hope we’ll meet there
‘cause I miss you..
I wish you were here...

Make your dreams fulfilled, and don’t forget to take me with you someday..."
♪Endah N Rhesa♫

So, I spent my whole day drying my tears, what about you? Maybe you'll think that I'm weak yet mushy. But hey.. this is what happening to you when you're on long-distance relationship and you don't get any message from your crush for about a week. I think it's quite fair, hehe.

Thanks God, today he got nearer the shore and provider signal became one of miracle that I've been waiting for... He said that was because the sea craft should resupply the food for the rest of the project. Oh my... there's no even one single bar signal rushed up when he was far from the shore! Not to mention the additional crazy-waves that makes him had a seasick for days :| So he asked my understanding for his condition that was unable to be reached.

Okay, that's accepted.

Why wouldn't I accept that condition? It's been happening more than once when he's on the surveying project this time. Last time I got his called was also a week ago. But on the previous projects, it's only about 1 to 3 days (the longest that I waited) he's off from the radar. So I've tried not to be worried but then I realize that I just pretended to be okay.

What should I do?
If I've once maintained my confusion towards this longing, it couldn't make him next to me in a sec. So... I keep praying that my thought and feeling for him in the pink.

Well.... I also want to apologize to him for what I felt when something crossed my mind.
You'll know when you're in a transcendental longing, you can't distinguish what you believe and what you don't. The reality is just too difficult to be marked off.

Tonight I also did something that I haven't done before, say a two-more-days happy birthday and anniversary xD it's just felt so weird having a conversation about praying each other for the day that symbolizes his life and also our relationship, but the day hasn't coming yet. It's a preventive action if the day after tomorrow he's unreachable (again!).

That was enough for tonight.. felt so weary and dizzy. Gotta sleep! Ciao!

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