#SomethingToday : The Correlation Between Happy and Smile

  • Kalau semua orang bisa bilang "I'm the happiest person everyday" pasti dunia ini penuh senyuman yah :)
  • ...I'm happy because knowing there is a thing named sad..
  • kalau gak ada sedih, ga bakal ada pembanding tingkat rasa senang :) RT : Psti dunia ini pnuh dg kmunafikan
  • so, in my point of view, even though we're sad, but we're lucky--we're happy. Intinya mah nikmatin we lah..
  • trying to comfort ourselves isn't a sin, is it? ;)
  • this is the name of dilemmatic condition.. stuffy but I should smile, yeah. Cheer my self up..



A Year With This Indulgent Person :)

"You see, I feel sad when you're sad

I feel glad when you're glad,

If You only knew what I'm go ing through,

I just Can't Smile Without You. " --- Barry Manilow

Today (in last year), I got something inside my stomach. Yeah, it was a butterfly. It flew above my speech and then I said "yes" for someone's question. I couldn't believe it, because (in that time) I didn't even know him much. He's one of hundreds people that met with me at Komunitas Aleut booth in Opening House Unit ITB (7th of August, 2010). So.... it was very unpredictable condition being in relationship with someone that you just knew---in a month). But I knew that decision wasn't wrong.. because it metamorphosed into million roses that never shriveled.. :)

An approach doesn't represent how many days that you will through along in relationship process. Believe me. A short one won't identified how long the relationship would be, because it depends on how we could deal with understanding each other, or bear with problems come up.

This person could muffle me with his way, with his quiscent thing.

This person could make me curious because of his unique characteristic.

This person could stand my debate---discussion of everything that questioning in my head.

This person could be honest to say I'm a stubborn girl.

This person could make me try sticking out of having Long Distance Relationship.

This person.... oh I have too much everything to say. This posting wouldn't enough.

This person is Ihsan Nurul Fauzi.

Someone who loves hiking and he treats me like a princess.

Someone who I couldn't meet on my first anniversary with him.

Someone who I couldn't hug on his 23rd birthday.

But I wish I'll always be the only special birthday present, as he said last year. As I agree to be.

Thanks God, he loves me just the way I am.


Just Like.. The Last Time

Just like a house that has never been cleaned, um---maintained, I mean. This blog was neglected and almost forgotten. Poor me---poor this one because I claimed my self as an business woman. But actually I don't have any activity that could make money for me, until this time. Yeah, just like the other collegians who were busy by such a lot of assignments or activities outside campus. That's me.

It's been a... wait. It's been on April, the last time I put some unimportant thing---as usual-- but I was happy writing about that. I would be always happy if I could do some writings on blogs (or even in the assignments? of course -__-) because finding an effort to take care of these responsibilities (read: blogs) is really hard to do. But then I felt so passionate to slap my cheeks (at least one of them would be tortured) when I opened Putdar's. She's so painstaking in maintaining her blogs (she has more than one!). I feel so shame.... mine just nothing :')

Okay, after these 5 months without any posting in this blog, the writing above is my welcoming speech. Hopefully I can handle all of the obstacle which wants to get me away in filling this blank speech.

Ladies and gentleman....

no more this posting again in the next following days...

Wish me luck to be sedulous ... because I'm engaging with internet this month <3

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