Percakapan Ini

Lagi mumet-mumetnya ngerjain tugas, eh jam 13:38 hape berbunyi nyaring. Guess who?? Namamu muncul di layar handphone-ku. Tidak lain tidak bukan senyuman mulai tersungging di wajahku. Sedetik bengong kemudian ku dengar suaramu di kejauhan. Ya.. kamu memang jauh, kan (--,). Seketika pusing yang diakibatkan tugas pun menghilang! Hebat!

Ini semacam kejutan yang sangat menggembirakan, karena sebelumnya kamu bilang mungkin sekitar semingguan baru bisa ada sinyal. Eh ternyata kurang dari seminggu kamu sudah ada kabar. Ya.. meskipun cukup menjengkelkan juga sih. Kerjaan sudah kamu selesaikan (Walaupun kurang memuaskan? :p), tapi kamu masih belum bisa langsung pulang padahal kamu ingin cepat pulang. Masih perlu beres-beres di sana, katamu. Ah... Aku minta kamu berenang saja ke tepian tapi kamu menolak karena tidak bisa berenang. Oke, aku terima alasan itu :) lalu kamu mendapat ide yang jauh lebih pintar---nebeng kapal lain yang lewat yang lebih cepat lajunya, hish... tapi tidak kamu lakukan (yaiyalah ya...) yasudah, aku bisa pilih yang mana? Tidak lain tidak bukan aku hanya bisa menunggumu pulang, lalu bertemu. *yiay!*


Banyak hal yang kita bicarakan dan salah satunya adalah hal yang bisa membuat aku--dan--kamu sejenak bernafas-berhenti-bernafas-tertahan. Ah, menyangkut masa depan kita. Dan kamu menanyakan hal yang belum pernah aku ketahui seperti apa rasanya. Maapin yee.. belum bisa jawab :D

Jadi... hal itu ternyata membuatku berpikir. Kita bukan siapa-siapa, anggap saja kita seperti dua orang yang belum ada keterikatan. Maka, pengikat itulah yang kamu bicarakan. Lalu aku deg-degan *heyyyyya...* Gimana gak deg-degan. Semacam kaget aja gitu tadi malem hal itu terlintas di pikiran, posting sesuatu yang berkaitan, eh siang ini kamu bicarakan. Apakah semesta mulai bernyanyi?

Tapi, percakapan ini cukup membuat kita canggung ya. *langsung keingetan film The Proposal*

Terharu seketika!


The Finale

Some people say that making yourself busy is good for your health. By the way, I don't really know that it happens to be like that. All I have known that it was today which makes me tired all day loooong~

This 7th semester forces me to wake up early and go straight taking a bath.. because there's no agreement for 7 am class, everyday. Hmmm but actually, It's counted 'everyday' to my college-days. From Monday to Thursday, and also the Wednesday (that I was supposed to be free). Moreover, there are some dense lectures too 'till 3 pm for Tuesday and Thursday. Ulalalala~ it's difficult to smile again... :(

Busy? Wish me luck.

After lecturing today, I met Yuli (one of my bestfriends) and we went to my place together. It's just a coincidence! When planning everything doesn't work, the faith shows if something should happen, it happens. Yet with this case, we barely meeting each other but then the coincidence came :) So... we could share some stories until her time to go home was popped

Then I remembered watching Teen Wolves Season 2 would make my day lighten up (even though for a lil bit). Yeah. I know.. I feel like my chance to watch it was gone, because it should have been watched from several weeks ago. But whoaaa... how come if i didn't know this crap is very interesting and I think that I'm engaged with the characters! :D

So, I just finished watching it, and grabbed some pictures. Can't wait to watch it again.... next summer? :((

Gerard had his own plan for everything, even for only curing his cancer? Or another tactic? He's willing to get bitten by Derek whereas he's the one who pushed killing his daughter in law when Derek bit her -_-" 

But mountain ash that was planned by Scott is working!

Another miracle happened to Jackson after being Kanima, dead, Kanima, dead, and.. werewolve? How could it be??? It was something that Peter said could help Jackson.

Stiles shocked and realized his crush Lydia still deeply in love with Jackson.. poor Stiles :(

Would they being together again? In the name of love?

The previous one question above is also given to the picture below! Huhuhu :D

Thought Isaac was murdered by Allison, he's learning another symbol.. a pack of Alphas!

This finale won't make me stop adoring how cute Tyler Posey is! If he were my boyfriend, even though he's a werewolve, I am acquiesce in being bitten by him. So that we could roaaaar together :p


For you, my partner in love

According to 98°....
"You're my sunshine after the rain
You're the cure against my fear and my pain
'cause I'm losing my mind when you're not around
It's all because of you.."

And Nicki Minaj agrees that....
"Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away
Beating like a drum and it's coming your way
Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass
Yeah that's the super bass.."

In addition, Glenn Fredly hopes to...
"Take me to your place, where my heart belongs together
I will follow you, you're the reason that I breath..."

And Ten 2 Five knows how I can get there...
"I will fly into your arms and be with you till the end of time
Why are you so far away?
You know it's very hard for me to get my self close to you..."

When night comes, Aerosmith gives me insomnia...
"Don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby..
And I don't want to miss a thing..."

They all know how to represent my feeling towards you, my partner in love :)

And now, I want to say....

Happy birthday baby, you're older, you're 24 years old, now.
There's so much pray from me, that I wish Allah's blessing makes them come true..
and I bet all my pray for you is a priceless birthday present for all time :D

You're the round to my bubble,
You're the blue to my sky,
You have found my wings that crumble,
You stick the glue and make it fly :)

Even now you're so far yet unreachable,
I can feel you here next to me.

Happy 2nd anniversary...

Just promise me that you'll always be okay.
Just promise me that you'll always be my heart surveyor.
Sailing on the sea of love and mapping the happiness :)

*bunch of love*


When All I Can Do is Nothing

Well, I'm supposed to do my assignment while I'm typing on this site. It's not like I have a problem with the course, but I think moodboosting is something that I really need, now. It's really hard for me to face the reality that academic purposes come so fast, so does with counting down my seconds in college. This would be short, because next year I'll graduated (that's on my top ten wishlist).

Okay. Amin. That was first point I'd like to type.

And the next point is: before starting to type on the blank space, I've been surrounding by the thought of sadness. Why?

Today, I found my self was running out of smiling. Simply because tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday and all I can do is nothing. In addition, tomorrow is also our 2nd anniversary. What makes me so blue? It should be fun and full of happiness if I could celebrate it with him. Reality? I couldn't.

It's very clear that last year I swam on my own tears on the day that I should be happy with his birthday and also our 1st anniversary. He was on the sea craft because of his job as a surveyor for about 2 months! That was a difficult one for me to face. Who doesn't want to celebrate their love's birthday and anniversary??? But there's nothing I can do, and that became the starting point I've been jumping on long-distance relationship. After that, I've been practicing to suit my self with this situation, because he was also working on the field for 1-3 months or in Jakarta for weeks. And yes, I have to be patient waiting him. With all the problems that happened, with all the existing longing.

I was hoping that the next chance would come, but it wouldn't.

He said that he would be on shore early in September, but then his project demands him to be in another project AND THAT MEANS HE WOULD SPEND MORE WEEKS OFFSHORE. He wouldn't make it, he wouldn't be here by my side to smile on our day. Another fact that I should realize, there's no chance for me to celebrate anything with him. He has missed his birthday, our anniversary, my birthday, two times of Ramadhan and Idul Fitri and also other moments in a row. Maybe I could count with my fingers how many times we had met for a year :(

I really hope we'll be able to spend more days and cherish the moments together, later.

*burst into tears*

After last night phone calling, he's unreachable (again!). The same praying I wish, hope he's okay wherever, whenever. Fortunately, yesterday we could have conversations on the phone for hours (with swollen eyes for sure). And all I know, it's a dilemma. I feel happy and sad at the same time T_T

*don't cry. don't cry.*


Once a Week

"....I always be here waiting for you to come back home
I keep our flowers grow, since we planted the seed many years ago
And I stare at the moon and hope we’ll meet there, hope we’ll meet there
‘cause I miss you
I wish you were here..

I know it’s hard for you to stay and so I let you go
But you promised to never let me down and said that you love me so
And I stare at the moon and hope we’ll meet there, hope we’ll meet there
‘cause I miss you..
I wish you were here...

Make your dreams fulfilled, and don’t forget to take me with you someday..."
♪Endah N Rhesa♫

So, I spent my whole day drying my tears, what about you? Maybe you'll think that I'm weak yet mushy. But hey.. this is what happening to you when you're on long-distance relationship and you don't get any message from your crush for about a week. I think it's quite fair, hehe.

Thanks God, today he got nearer the shore and provider signal became one of miracle that I've been waiting for... He said that was because the sea craft should resupply the food for the rest of the project. Oh my... there's no even one single bar signal rushed up when he was far from the shore! Not to mention the additional crazy-waves that makes him had a seasick for days :| So he asked my understanding for his condition that was unable to be reached.

Okay, that's accepted.

Why wouldn't I accept that condition? It's been happening more than once when he's on the surveying project this time. Last time I got his called was also a week ago. But on the previous projects, it's only about 1 to 3 days (the longest that I waited) he's off from the radar. So I've tried not to be worried but then I realize that I just pretended to be okay.

What should I do?
If I've once maintained my confusion towards this longing, it couldn't make him next to me in a sec. So... I keep praying that my thought and feeling for him in the pink.

Well.... I also want to apologize to him for what I felt when something crossed my mind.
You'll know when you're in a transcendental longing, you can't distinguish what you believe and what you don't. The reality is just too difficult to be marked off.

Tonight I also did something that I haven't done before, say a two-more-days happy birthday and anniversary xD it's just felt so weird having a conversation about praying each other for the day that symbolizes his life and also our relationship, but the day hasn't coming yet. It's a preventive action if the day after tomorrow he's unreachable (again!).

That was enough for tonight.. felt so weary and dizzy. Gotta sleep! Ciao!

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