The Finale

Some people say that making yourself busy is good for your health. By the way, I don't really know that it happens to be like that. All I have known that it was today which makes me tired all day loooong~

This 7th semester forces me to wake up early and go straight taking a bath.. because there's no agreement for 7 am class, everyday. Hmmm but actually, It's counted 'everyday' to my college-days. From Monday to Thursday, and also the Wednesday (that I was supposed to be free). Moreover, there are some dense lectures too 'till 3 pm for Tuesday and Thursday. Ulalalala~ it's difficult to smile again... :(

Busy? Wish me luck.

After lecturing today, I met Yuli (one of my bestfriends) and we went to my place together. It's just a coincidence! When planning everything doesn't work, the faith shows if something should happen, it happens. Yet with this case, we barely meeting each other but then the coincidence came :) So... we could share some stories until her time to go home was popped

Then I remembered watching Teen Wolves Season 2 would make my day lighten up (even though for a lil bit). Yeah. I know.. I feel like my chance to watch it was gone, because it should have been watched from several weeks ago. But whoaaa... how come if i didn't know this crap is very interesting and I think that I'm engaged with the characters! :D

So, I just finished watching it, and grabbed some pictures. Can't wait to watch it again.... next summer? :((

Gerard had his own plan for everything, even for only curing his cancer? Or another tactic? He's willing to get bitten by Derek whereas he's the one who pushed killing his daughter in law when Derek bit her -_-" 

But mountain ash that was planned by Scott is working!

Another miracle happened to Jackson after being Kanima, dead, Kanima, dead, and.. werewolve? How could it be??? It was something that Peter said could help Jackson.

Stiles shocked and realized his crush Lydia still deeply in love with Jackson.. poor Stiles :(

Would they being together again? In the name of love?

The previous one question above is also given to the picture below! Huhuhu :D

Thought Isaac was murdered by Allison, he's learning another symbol.. a pack of Alphas!

This finale won't make me stop adoring how cute Tyler Posey is! If he were my boyfriend, even though he's a werewolve, I am acquiesce in being bitten by him. So that we could roaaaar together :p

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